Vice President I started working part time at Farmer Machine Company in 1991; at the age of 14 I was welding and running a lathe and a mill as needed.  In the fall of 1995 I took over full time management of shop operations and have overseen growth

 Secretary of Treasury I started working part time at Farmer Machine Sept. of 2001 while I was attending my senior year at Atlee High School in Hanover County. I learned to paint in our full service paint booth first and

Administrative Assistant I have been in administrative assistance positions since 1983 with Best Products Co., Inc, Clingman & Hanger Management Associates, LLC, Purgo Inc./RLC Technologies, Inc. I have been supporting Farmer Machine Co. since September, 2011 in the areas of job tracking,

I originally worked for Farmer Machine in 1981 while the company manufactured solar hot water heaters.  The operation moved to California in 1983.  I proudly served in the U.S. Navy and saw a lot of action off the coast of